Disabled Parking

There are designated accessible parking spaces for disabled guests at both entrances. Availability is based on first come, first served bases. To park in one of the designated spaces, you must have a disabled plate or placard. For Sharks and other events, we do reserve additional courtesy parking for disabled guests. Standard parking rates apply for parking in the disabled parking spaces.

As disabled parking is limited, we recommend purchasing parking in advanced to guarantee a space in the ABC Lot (Onsite).

SAP Center provides accessible drop-off / pick-up areas located across the street on Montgomery Street (across from The BMW Lounge) and on Autumn Street (across Santa Clara Street from the South Entrance). Guests with disabilities may be dropped-off and picked-up at the North Entrance curb. The driver will be required to pay for entry into the parking lot but will be refunded when exiting the lot after dropping-off a guest with a disability. To re-enter the ABC lot, inform the attendant or Police officer you are picking up your guest with a disability.

Ushers will be happy to assist guests with disabilities enter the building and escort them to their seat, if desired. For pick-up after an event, the driver would return to the same North Entrance curb. Ushers will also be happy to escort guests with disabilities back to the drop-off location

Parking Pricing

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