Uber Zone

Uber Drop-off  and Pick-up at SAP Center

To get to the arena, request a ride through the Uber app. Set your destination as 1 South Autumn Street, Santa Clara, which will direct you to the closest and safest drop-off area.

Upon exiting SAP Center, request your ride from the Uber Zone at 43-93 Stockton Ave. San Jose, CA 95126, located near Whole Foods Market. Walk Westbound on Santa Clara St. then cross Stockton Ave. at the light. Turn right onto Stockton Ave., the pickup area curb is located 50 ft. ahead.

Download the Uber app and enter promo code SJSHARKS17 to get your first Uber ride free, up to $20.

SAP Center provides accessible drop-off / pick-up areas located across the street on Montgomery Street (across from The Grill) and on Autumn Street (across Santa Clara Street from the South Entrance). Guests with disabilities may be dropped-off and picked-up at the North Entrance curb. The driver will be required to pay for entry into the parking lot but will be refunded when exiting the lot after dropping-off a guest with a disability.

Please be aware that for the 20-30 minutes following the conclusion of an event Santa Clara Street from Autumn to Cahill Streets is closed to vehicular traffic for the safety of guests exiting SAP Center.  Autumn Street from Santa Clara to St. John Streets is also closed to Vehicular Traffic